Dave Yeager: The "new Guy"

I do personally do not like labels. I will say that this is my first experience as a model. I like it, my body belongs to me and I love my body. You can see me during the schedule time. I will like you to interact with me on the chat. Send your request and I will check what can I do about it. I am open minded. Straight. Male. I love beer, meat. barbecue. Whisky over all. I also like sports. I like soccer. This is my first blog I am nervous about this. I am at a friend house, he opened his house to me. I am going to be here for a short period of time. By Friday or Saturday I am going to be back to my house, I still live with my parents. They are lovely, and they love me. I have a dog and a cat. I do personally hate cats, I do not like coffee. So, last night was my first performance. I experienced some technical issues. Easy fix, I started to notice a behavior about users that complaint about not having video. I cannot restart the broadcasting every time that happens, I am sorry. Refresh your side. It was fun. I added a girl on twitter this morning. I was so excited to be on camera that I did it nearly till 4 am I need to go to work at 6 pm. Got late to work. Tomorrow I will work from home. I will try to go live 3 hours. During the afternoon. That will be exciting.. Being nude in front of the camera is beautiful. Thank you for all the users that like my broadcasting. I will compensate them someday! I can tell that people with credits it is difficult to get. I have tried to send them personal messages. Then I decided to wait for them to reach at me. I like to be friendly on the camera, having a mic is a plus. It does feel really good to be here. I am enjoying all of this. Thank you all, Yours, Dave YaegerFEB 26th 2020

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